10 Questions to Ask a Wedding Make-Up Artist

Make-up trends come and go, but a bride’s make-up should be timeless. And if you’re aiming to look lovely and classic on your wedding day, it’s important to work with the right wedding make-up artist. Before heading to your bridal studio to ask for their in-house make-up professional, make sure you know what to ask your potential beauty stylist. The right artist can save you some mascara and eyeliner tears down the aisle.

1. What’s your rate and what are the inclusions?

First things first, you’d want to know how much this professional is going to cost you. Even if your stylist have already posted their rates on their online site, it’s always smart to confirm just in case their site is outdated or they might have referral discounts. Also, you would want to know what’s included in this rate. Do you get a free trial? Are your bridesmaids’ and family members’ make-up included? How about the hairstyling?

2. Do you specialize on wedding make-up?

A make-up artist who specializes in photo shoot or runway looks has different styles and tastes for someone who specializes in wedding looks. Make sure to choose the artist who particularly does wedding make-up, or at least has done several wedding make-up in the past. The best place to start a search is in your bridal boutique. If they don’t have their own resident beauty stylist, they can surely recommend some good names here in Singapore.

3. Do you do make-up trial?

This one can be a deal breaker. It is extremely crucial to have a make-up trial before the wedding. The make-up looks you see on their website may be great, but you can’t tell what look suits you unless you try it on. Moreover, getting a make-up trial at your a lovely bridal studio in Singapore allows you to feedback on areas of your make-up that you don’t like, so your stylist can amend this on the day of the wedding.

4. What make-up brand do you use?

Find out the brand of make-up they use and make sure your skin isn’t irritated to them. This is important especially if you have sensitive skin. Ask your potential make-up artist how she dealt with cases like this in the past. Be a step closer to looking flawless and visit your favourite make-up counter to have your skin matched and get yourself a bottle of foundation in your exact shade.

5. Do you do multiple bookings in a day?

Overworked and tired are not the words you would want to describe your beauty stylist on your big day. As the wedding season approaches, bridal studio make-up artists are in demand, to the point that they take two to three make-up gigs in a day. As a result, you don’t get your stylist’s full attention. So pay a little bit more and book your stylist exclusively on the day. It may become a bit pricier, but it’s surely worth it.

6. Do you work on location? Do you charge a travel fee?

Before confirming your booking, decide where you’ll be getting ready on the day of the wedding—at your home, in a hotel or at your wedding venue. If planning for a destination wedding, ask if she’s willing to travel outside Singapore. Most stylists are willing to travel for their client’s wedding, but often charge extra fee if it’s in far-flung venues.

7. How long will it take to do make-up for the size of my party?

If you have a quite large party, you should mention this query. If your ceremony starts at 10 in the morning and you have four bridesmaids, your mother, your mother-in-law and yourself that need to have the make-up done, be prepared to be out of bed before 6 AM. Most make-up artists need at least 30 minutes for each bridesmaid and up to an hour for the bride.

8. How long will you be staying for on the day of my wedding?

Make sure to ask this question, because you are sure to be teary and even sweaty during the ceremony. You want someone to be there to do some touch-ups for photos and before showing up to everyone on your reception.

9. What if you can’t make it on the wedding day?

This question may sound ridiculous, but it’s not impossible to happen. What happens if they have a family emergency, got a bad flu or had an accident on your wedding day? Ask what their back-up plan is and if it’s agreeable, make sure that it is stated in the contract, including the name of the one replacing your original stylist. You don’t want to end up bare faced on the most special day of your life.

10. Will it be you who will do my make-up or another artist?

Your beauty stylist on your trial session should be the same artist who will do your make-up on the wedding day. This is the person you have discussed the details and developed a look with. If your bridal boutique did not mention this, make sure to ask.

Just like hunting for the perfect dress, looking for a bridal make-up artist in Singapore entails a lot of effort and probing before you’re able to find the one. Ask your bridal studio for recommendations or someone you know who got recently married for names of professional make-up artists who did their bridal look.