4 Essential Wedding Tips to Remember


You and your soon-to-be-spouse invested a lot into your wedding, hoping that it will be one of the most unforgettable and amazing day of your lives. Significant amount of time, energy and money is spent on making this day happen, so it’s important to plan every small detail to perfection. Here are some essential wedding tips to keep in mind to make wedding planning a little bit bearable.


  1. You’ll have bridezilla moments, and that’s totally normal.

Whether it’s because you and your fiance did not agree on the DJ, because the carriage company said they don’t have available unicorns on your wedding day or your mother-in-law changed your wedding flowers to daises, there will be a moment when you’re going to break. It happens, even to the calmest of brides. Take a break from the stress, go on a date or a weekend getaway with your groom, and regroup about why you’re planning all of these in the first place.

  1. Your wedding should be timeless, not trendy.

When choosing a theme or colour motif, pick something that you’d still want to look back on 30 years later. Themes and colours of the year are just fads that come and go compared to your all-time favourite tones and shades. And make sure you’d still going to love how those mason jars look on the tables 30 years from now, same with those short bridesmaid dresses and boots.


  1. You need a planner, badly!

A successful wedding ceremony and reception should be beautiful and joyous without causing you an arm and a leg. Hiring a wedding planned is the most vital step to take to ensure those things happen. While some say that getting a planner will only cost you more, the truth is that they can help you get discounts and stay within the budget through their vendor partners and contacts. They have the experience, expertise and connections needed to excellently plan and execute your wedding.

  1. You and your fiance will fight at some point.

Disagreements with your partner are inevitable during the planning process, and you may even come to a point when you’d question your wedding. This is normal. You care (or even obsess) on things like lace and Hessian fabric, while your fiance couldn’t care less. You aren’t the only bride who seriously considered calling off a wedding after the groom said he doesn’t care whatever table centrepiece you choose. While this can be upsetting for you, remember that you’re marrying him because you love him, not because he’s got your wedding plans figured out.

Above all, remember that the most important thing is that you and your significant other get to tie the knot. Whatever happens, it happens for a reason. Breeze through every challenge and embrace every success leading to the biggest day of your lives.