Best Valentine’s Day Date Ideas for New Couples

Even without including holidays into the mix, dating could involve a lot of pressure as it is. With a certain love-themed event coming in just a few days, the pressure’s even greater especially if you just started dating someone. But that shouldn’t really be the case. To help lessen both your built-in stress, we listed down some of the fun Valentine’s Day date ideas that you and your new bae will surely enjoy.

1. Face-Off Your Favourite Meals
You swear by the blueberry pie at the joint across town, but his go-to pizza doesn’t match up. Put a nip at this dispute by doing a back-to-back tasting. The winner – there should be a clear winner – gets to buy drinks afterward.

2. Create Something Together
Perhaps you have an IKEA dresser that you’ve been wanting to put together, or maybe you both decided to paint a lookalike Van Gogh at one of those paint-and-wine shops. Well, whatever you choose, do something that will help take a lot of pressure off your date – as well as the fact that you’re celebrating a love-themed holiday.

3. Enjoy an Indoor Picnic
Set up an indoor picnic using both of your favourite food items and place it on a rug on your living room. Play a romantic music, light some candles, and you already have a cosy and wonderful date experience. Just ensure that you prepared plenty of your favourite so your meal goes well.

4. Cook Dinner Together
Rather than eating out on Valentine’s Day, consider making something together instead. Whether you grocery shop for ingredients together or call a service to have it delivered, cooking with someone provides an entirely different bonding experience. Plus, it could help set the mood for your dinner – and even serve as a great test for your relationship.

5. Spend Time in the Arcade
Nothing beats the old-school arcade games when it comes to getting anyone into a fun, competitive mood – aside from taking off the pressure for Valentine’s Day. After all, who doesn’t like playing Donkey Kong or Ms. Pac-Man? Also, with the number of arcade bars these days, you can easily up your game-playing date by including a drinking game every time someone scores.

Celebrating Valentine’s Day isn’t just about expensive gifts and restaurant reservations. It could also be a celebration about finding someone meaningful enough to enjoy this day together. So, do something that’s highly thoughtful, but simple for both you and your significant other.