Glasses for Your Drinks

Serving drinks shouldn’t be so different from serving food. The presentation enhances the smell, appearance and taste of the food. These are the glasses used for alcoholic beverages.

Cocktail Glass
Cocktail glass looks like an inverted cone. The bowl is shallow so that you can smell the ingredients. It also has a long stem so that it doesn’t warm up easily through contact with your hands.

Highball Glass
Highball glass is used for tall and carbonated cocktails and mixed drinks with more non-alcoholic mixers. Highball is shorter than its near-identical Collins glass.

Red Wine Glass
Red wine tastes better when it’s swirled and aerated. Red wine glass has a wide bowl with a slightly narrow opening and a long stem.

White Wine Glass
White wine shouldn’t oxidize too fast, so pick the tulip or white wine glass that has a smaller bowl than the red wine glass.

Sparkling Wine Glass
Sparkling wine has bubbles so the best way to prevent too many from escaping is through a flute-shaped glass. It has a narrower bowl than the white wine glass and a smaller opening for the mouth.

Coupe Glass
The coupe glass looks similar to the red wine glass, but the opening is much wider. It’s used for cocktails too.

Snifter has a short stem and very large bowl with a slightly narrow top. It’s used for cognac, brandy, quads and barley wine.

Hurricane Glass
The hurricane glass got its shape from the hurricane lamps. It was made by an owner of a New Orleans tavern. Hurricane is used for cocktails.

Martini Glass
Martini glass looks like a cocktail glass, but it has a larger bowl and shorter stem. The bottom part of the bowl is a full cone in shape.

Irish Coffee Glass
Irish coffee glass is made of heat-resistant material. It has a handle to keep your hands away from hot cocktails.

Mug or Stein
Mugs are best for beers such as ales and lagers as well as stouts and ports. It has a wide cylindrical shape made of thick glass and a handle to keep the liquid cool.

Pilsner Glass
The shape of the narrow pilsner is tapered so that the bubbles that form on the top are emphasized when serving the drink.

Wheat Beer Glass
Wheat beer glass looks like the pilsner glass, but the bottom is much narrower. This allows more froth to form on top.

American Pint or Shaker
Shaker is cylindrical in shape and narrow at the bottom. It can hold at least 16 ounces of ale or lager.

Imperial Pint
The imperial pint looks like a regular glass, but it has a ridge near the top.

Liqueur Glass
This glass can hold up to 1 and a half ounces. It has a short stem and an inverted bell-shaped bowl.

Lowball Glass
Also called rocks and old fashioned glass, lowball looks like tumblers with a visible solid base. The glass is low and are used for cocktails with muddled ingredients, brandy and scotch.