How to Enjoy the Summer Sun While Keeping Yourself Protected

With sunny Singapore’s warm temperature, it is important to be aware of some tips we can follow in order to protect ourselves from the harmful rays of the sun. The unusually warm weather may turn into the norm in the city-state over the following years, according to various studies, since the average surface temperature continues to take on an increase.

Staying out in the sun doesn’t have to be dangerous, though. We just have to be vigilant about a few things, like learning how to limit ourselves from getting exposed for too long or avoid soaking up all the summer sun without applying any sunscreen protection. Keeping yourself well protected must be made priority especially if you do not want to put yourself at risk in the long run.

Protect yourself from the sun’s rays
Given that your skin is delicate and of sensitive nature, it shouldn’t be a mystery how you end up burning easily while under the sun. Which is why it is always encouraged to apply high factor sun cream all over your skin in order to prevent this from happening. Sure, getting that fair share of the sun’s rays is one effective way to give you a healthy glow, but getting a sunburn can only bring pain and can actually be dangerous for you.

Avoid getting overheat or get cold
It is advised to dress yourself in lots of thin layers so that you can adjust as few or as many layers you deem fit to keep yourself warm and as well as to keep yourself cool. This is ideal when swimming is involved wherever you’re headed, whether it’s by the beach or lake. Your body will inevitably get cold after being in the water and even in the sun — hence there’s no harm in taking a few steps to prepare yourself.

Take a break
You are likely to get more active while out in the sun, especially when you have games to play or miles to trek, which will result to your body getting easily tired. It’s not a good idea to wear out your body, though. Always remember to take short breaks before going out and about again to give yourself a good rest!

Swim appropriately
When you’re outdoors, there is a chance you’d end up swimming in a nearby stream or by the sea. This can be beneficial to the body as swimming is one great exercise to regulate the heart. Just remember to dress yourself appropriately to keep yourself warm, cover any exposed skin in waterproof sun cream, and be sure to take regular breaks to as to not tire yourself out.