Lipstick Shades for the Fair Skin Tone


My dear fair(-skinned) lady, finding the right shade of lipstick that matches your skin tone is no easy job. I know your heartaches and headaches over makeup. You spend so much time dabbing and comparing shades of almost the same kind of hue just to get the right one for you! You see a friend and notice how perfect her lipstick is and try it on but don’t get the same satisfaction. I know how frustrating it is.

Women in a country like the multicultural Singapore may be with dark, olive, or fair skin tone. For the fair-skinned lady (yes, you!) who’s been going unibrow over what lipstick to pick, this guide is written to excuse you from so much stress in your search. It’s time to give your lips the right color smack! Here are some lipsticks you better get hold of on your next store visit:

  1. Red Lipstick

For the rosy or pinkish fair skin, red lipsticks always imply a bold and fierce aura. It highlights so much femininity and sexiness. Generations of women would attest to reds as something every woman should have in her makeup collection. Cherry reds are usually the best pick for fair skin tone. Tip: outline it with a red lip liner for that oh-so-perfecto pout.

  1. Red Lipstick with Purple Undertones

This gloomy type of red (like deep plum which is a common pick for the fair skin tone) is perfect to match the mysterious yet calm aura of the night – an aura exciting and inviting. Put on that gorgeous dress you brought and some sexy perfume for a date-ready look.

  1. Peach Lipstick

This shade is a keeper if you opt to imply natural beauty. From office to an unexpected party itinerary, a dash of lip shimmer is all you have to add and you’re good to go.

  1. Pink Lipstick

Nude rose, coral pink, or fuchsia pink can be great shades to choose from. You can go bold with bright or gentle with sheer shades. Be very picky with pink and always try it on under white light to see if the shade suits you.

  1. Orange Lipstick

Try to be weird yet beautiful at the same time with this shade. This may not be a usual pick, but it sure is worth a try if you want a look that is fresh and playful. Afraid that you’d look ridiculous wearing a neon color? Don’t knock it ‘til you’ve tried it. A lipstick that looks very bright in the tube, will probably tone down once applied.