Signs Your Breakup was for the Better

If you’re in one of those days when you think of getting back with your ex, hold your thought! Remember the reason why you guys broke up, because it’ll help you know whether or not getting back together is actually a good idea. More importantly, it’ll make you realize that going on your separate ways was the best choice for everyone – and here are some of the reasons that it actually was.

1. You felt unhappy on most days of your relationship
Sure, you may have loved each other a lot, but if you were unhappy with him about 70 to 90 percent of the time, then why would you choose to go back? You’re on your own now, and you can already do a lot of great things that can lift up your spirits. Remember, some people are just really incompatible regardless of how much they love they each other.

2. You fought a lot throughout your relationship
We know what you’re thinking: you and your ex are naïve back then, hence the fights – but you already know better now. Sure, that may true, but chances are in the few months that passed, your partner (or even you) might still be the same. What if your fights were caused by another reason that your immaturity? Like arguing about the number of times he goes out with friends or disapproving his lifestyle. Again, you’d only be signing yourself up for unhappiness if you get back together with a stubborn partner.

3. You couldn’t find it in yourself to trust your partner again
Trust goes both ways – one should be able to give it and the other should never abuse it. Winning a person’s trust back could prove to be challenging, especially if you lost your past relationship with your ex because of trust in issues. It’d take a lot of assuring, wooing and proving oneself than it did before. Plus, there’s no guarantee that the same amount of trust can be given again.

4. There are a lot of underlying issues surrounding your relationship
Perhaps your relationship was rock-solid, but even this kind of relationship can be hunted by issues that you both chose to ignore. Maybe one of you already wanted to settle down, but other wasn’t interested. Perhaps one of you planned to live abroad, while the other wanted to stay. If no one concedes, then your relationship is definitely headed for a goodbye. This is absolutely true, especially if you value your dreams more than your relationship.

Being together and making new memories with your ex might seem like a good idea, but getting back together won’t really do both of you any good. So before you even think about rekindling your relationship with your past love, think about the aforementioned reasons first.