Sunday Rituals to Make the Week Ahead So Much Easier


Although Sunday morning is one of our favourite times of the week, we all experience that Sunday night blues as the weekend comes to an end. Even if we love our jobs, just the thought of a full week ahead is often enough to make us feel exhausted without even starting the week yet.

To put an end to this dread, we reveal some Sunday night rituals to help you prepare for—and even look forward to—the working week ahead.

  1. Clean Your Inbox

If you work five days a week, chances are most emails you got Friday night through Sunday are junk emails as opposed to work emails. Take some time to check and clean your email on Sunday night, so you can start your Monday morning at the office with only work emails to check. It will help you get into work more quickly when you don’t have to go through junk mails.

  1. Write a To-Do List for the Entire Week

For a more productive week, writing a to-do list is the best way to keep yourself on track. Having your tasks laid out in advance will allow you to tackle them right away on Monday morning. Every Sunday, spare 30 minutes of your time to write down a weekly plan for the week ahead.

  1. Plan Out a Week’s Worth of Wardrobe

Instead of trying to mix and match pieces for work every single morning, spend an hour on Sunday planning for your work outfit for the entire week. From your tops down to your shoes and jewelleries, plan them out and organize them in a separate rack for easier and quicker weekday mornings.

  1. Plan and Prepare What You Can For Your Food

Use Sunday night to prepare your food for the entire week (or as many days as you can). Make pre-packed salads and freezer-friendly breakfasts. You can also make a big batch of dinner, so you can recycle leftovers. And don’t forget to chop up veggies and make the marinade in advance. The more small things you can prep in advance, the faster you can enjoy a home-cooked meal later. Just make sure to have enough mason jars, Ziplocs and food containers, since you will need quite a lot for a week’s worth of meal.

  1. Be Consistent With Your Sleep Schedule

As tempting as it is to binge-watch your favourite series on a Saturday night, an inconsistent sleep schedule will only mess up your sleep cycle. It’s always better to keep the same sleep schedule as the rest of the week, which means waking up and going to bed at an ideal hour.

Weekends may be your time to relax and forget about work, but doing as much as you can before the week starts will actually leave you with lesser work on weekdays. If you would have to sort things out for the next day every night, then you’d spend a lot more time over the course of the week than doing them in one go.