The Dark-Toned Woman: A Guide for Lipstick Shade Selection


Women with dark skin tones find it hard to search for lipstick shades that complement them. Almost always, these women try to stick to the usual dark shades they’ve been keeping for ages. It indeed is a challenge but like any other independent woman in Singapore, it’s good that you try on something new, explore something new. You don’t have to be locked up with the same color shade day by day.

It’s time you show the world that you can also pull it off and be what you want to be. It’s time you give them a different you with a different hue. Taking on the lipstick challenge of shade selection is more of an accomplishment to self-image; it’s not just some waste of time at the cosmetic store. So let’s get you started with this guide to lipstick shade selection for the dark-toned woman:

  1. Red

To the fearless independent woman who wants to imbibe sexiness and strength, a bright cherry red is a perfect match. Other shades of red you can also try on are garnet red, brown red, candy apple red, ruby red, raspberry red, wine red, burgundy red, bright red, oxblood red, orange red, and red red (or the true red).

  1. Nude

Soft brown complexions are exemplified of their natural look with warm brown nude and coppery peach shades. Other shades you can choose from are bronze, walnut, beige, toffee, mocha, caramel, cinnamon, and taupe. You can go darker with deep rich brown shades (like chocolate brown). Take note that light nudes are a no, no!

  1. Pink

You can choose from a large variety of pink shades, depending on how you feel and what type of aura you want to put on. Go bold and bright with shades of hot pink, punch, fuchsia, magenta, Barbie pink, and bubblegum. For a gentler feminine feel, musky pink, mauve, or baby pink can do the trick. Just be very careful with light ones since a wrong pick can make you look blah. The versatility of pink lipsticks is a reason for you to keep a few picks in your bag.

  1. Purples

A dash of purple is an exciting hue to explore when it comes to choosing your next lipstick. You can choose from glossy to matte versions of these shades which come in different saturations to reflect your attitude and style: mulberry, plum, berry, amethyst, violet, lavender, eggplant, and neon purple.