Ways to Gain Respect in the Workplace


We seek respect in our day-to-day lives, especially in our professional lives. Gaining others’ respect in the workplace is something all of us want, but often follow the wrong ideas on how to achieve this goal. Here are some tips to provide you with valuable insights bout gaining your colleagues’ respect at work.


  1. Dress to Success

Respect starts with how you look. Dress in such a way you want to be treated. Eliminate see-through and too-tight clothing, as well as short skirts, low-cut dresses and sandals. Are you going to work or walk the dog at the park? T-shirt, jeans and sneakers send the wrong impression too. It shows disinterest and laziness. It may be great for casual weekends, but not on workdays.

  1. Display Confidence

Show your colleagues your passion for your work and encourage them to do the same. Maintain your identity by knowing how o balance your work and personal life. Do your best in every project and task given to you, but do not let the fear of losing your job consume you.

  1. Be Organized

A clean work station emphasizes the hard-working and focused part of you. These kinds of people easily gain respect for being neat and always put-together. But less organized people need not to fear. Simply place emphasis on where common office supplies like paper, paper clips and pens go.


  1. Avoid Job-Threatening Situations

Discussing personal problems with co-workers and bosses are never a good idea. Leave your personal problems at home. Office gossips, tardiness, temper tantrums and arguments are also equally devastating to your profession. And lately, social media posts are costing employees their job, so make sure to think before you post.

  1. Always be Professional

Even when you’re out to party with your colleagues or in a corporate event, make sure not to get drunk and act foolish in front of your co-workers. Although the event is held outside the company, it’s still a work-related event and it is not professional to act foolish or say something rudely to anyone.

Being liked and respected is possible for everyone, whether you’re an employer or an employee. It takes time and consistency of displaying all the mentioned tips to establish your professional reputation, but the end results are definitely worth it. By earning the trust and respect of your co-workers and boss, you’ll have a great working environment that will surely motivate you to work more efficiently than ever.